Friday, July 11, 2008

Government Indifference to Freedom

"And now, when Moroni saw that the city of Nephihah was lost he was exceedingly sorrowful, and began to doubt, because of the wickedness of the people, whether they should not fall into the hands of their brethren.
Now this was the case with all his chief captains. They doubted and marveled also because of the wickedness of the people, and this because of the success of the Lamanites [their enemies] over them.
And it came to pass that Moroni was angry with the government, because of their indifference concerning the freedom of their country" (Book of Mormon | Alma 59:11-13).

Within the current political landscape, one where politicians tell us we "deserve" things, one where many people feel "entitled" to things, all of which carry a price, that price being a lack of freedom, be it in choosing heath care providers or how to spend the money we earn, doesn't this scripture written approximately 1600 years ago ring true today?

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