Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nephi's Pattern We Can All Follow

This morning I read something in the Book of Mormon that I have read many times, but today it meant something different to me, probably because of my experience in finding my internship, as I described in my previous post. It is the story in Chapter 16 of 1 Nephi where Nephi and his brothers broke their bows, thereby losing the ability to hunt and feed their families. Nephi took several steps so that his family could be blessed through him.

  1. In verse 23 Nephi made a bow and arrows out of wood. In other words, he did what he could do.
  2. In verse 24 Nephi relied on his father by having faith in Lehi’s prayer.
  3. In verse 28 Nephi saw the pointers on the Liahona that gave him the direction and in verse 29 he read a new writing that appeared upon the Liahona. However, Nephi does not tell us what was written. The Liahona worked based upon the faith of the people, which is literally the same as the Holy Ghost striving with and directing each of us when we are faithful and true. In sum, Nephi was righteous and the Holy Ghost gave him direction.
  4. In verse 30 Nephi goes to the top of the mountain, as he was directed by the Liahona. This is also to say that Nephi gone to the temple, as the Holy Ghost had directed him to do.
  5. In verse 31 Nephi was able to obtain his original object, to slay animals for the purpose of feeding his family.

I really enjoyed reading his chapter today because it reminded me of my experience, especially that I needed to write it down, and it gave me a second witness to the truthfulness of following this pattern. The pattern is:

  1. Do your best
  2. Pray for help
  3. Have faith and trust in and follow the spirit
  4. Go to the temple or other holy places for edification
  5. The object of you need, if it is the Lord’s will for you to have it, will be met, regardless if it is a temporal or spiritual need.

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