Sunday, May 06, 2007

Finding an Internship

For some time I had been very frustrated as I was searching for the right internship. I had prayed and mediated very much on the subject. However, things just were not working out well. For quite a while I did not get any interviews. Finally interviews began to come but then no one would call me back! Though it was very difficult, I was convinced the right situation had not yet presented itself. In my case, the internship is extremely important because I am transitioning from retail management to supply chain management and I feel like I need the right internship so I will have very specific professional experience to combine with my education.

I had been discussing the situation with my father, who I often speak with on the phone. One day he counseled me to seek a Priesthood blessing from my bishop. So I did. In the blessing, the bishop counseled me to be patient and that the right position would come along. Then about three weeks ago, on a Monday, I had an interview that I was extremely excited about because the job description fit exactly what I wanted and the position is located in an excellent place to live. I felt like I had one of my best interviews.

In the days following the interview, I decided that this indeed was the position I wanted. My prayers changed from asking to be blessed with the right position in the right place to asking for this particular position. On Saturday of that same week, we attended the Atlanta Temple. Although this internship situation weighed heavily upon me, I felt peace within the temple. Monday evening I was offered the position and I accepted.

I feel very blessed for this opportunity and I know that Heavenly Father is truly concerned with me and my everyday life, as he is with all of his children. For this I am very thankful.

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